My Review Of The 30 Day PCOS Diet Challange.


For those who don’t know Kym Campbell is the creator of the popular PCOS Diet know as 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge. This program is designed to help women overcome their PCOS diagnoses by using natural approaches such as food, exercise and mental health.


I stumbled across the 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge early March 2019 but signed up a week behind so I decided against continuing until the following month. At the beginning of November, I stepped onto the scales to see the figure 169.7kg flash up onto the screen. This was my biggest weigh in to date and I knew that if I gained any more then the scale would no longer read my weight.

So I went in search of the 30 Day PCOS Diet Challange program only to find the PCOS Diet support group. After being accepted I spoke to a variety of women who advise that starting the challenge would be the best way to go alongside sending me a list of good that was edible. Looking at this list I honestly didn’t think the transition would be to difficult as I had cut a lot of what I wasn’t allowed to eat out of my diet due to it triggering my acid reflux. An so on November 3rd 2019 I began my weight loss journey.


When beginning the 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge the approach to this diet is unlike any other. The program is designed to ease you into this new lifestyle. Week 1 begins with educating yourself on the importance of nutrition and how food choices affect you and your PCOS. At this stage of the program, you might also want to download the Diet Cheat Sheet. This provide you with a detailed list of food that is both compliant to the diet.


Now I advise you when starting the program not to get so fixated on overhauling your choice of food. I fount it to be a good idea instead to use this time to explore your local supermarket and familiarise yourself with your new selection of food. Doing this will make Week 2 transition a lot easier as you will already know what it is you need. If you are unable to find what it is you need don’t be afraid to choose other option that is on the list or ask for advice on the 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge support group or even me.

30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge Cheat Sheet


You guessed it. Week 2 is all about the introduction of a nutritional and filling breakfast. In the past, I have always found breakfast the hardest meals to digest as if I eat anything other then toast I feel nauseated. What made this transition even harder was the fact that I actually hate eggs. For those in the same boat, I will have you know Kym has not forgotten about us as she has made a wide variety of choices for us to choose from Such as Breakfast Fritatta, Flaxseed and Almond Meal Porridge, Chia Seed Pudding and best of all leftovers. I personally gravitated toward the Breakfast frittata as I edited the recipe to include a tsp of curry powder to mask the eggy taste. If this doesn’t work for you then feel free to remove the egg. It’s still just as good.


Being someone that is always on the go, having breakfast that I could grab on the run was a big deal for me. This is where I learnt to bulk cook my breakfast.


With your new breakfast regime now in place, it’s time to begin week 3… Dinner Time!!. Week 3 by far would have to be my the most unexpected of the weeks. I found myself getting fuller faster and it was becoming hard to eat the portion size that I was used to regularly eating before the program started. If this happens don’t be afraid to cut down the size of your meals.


While finding my portion sizes shrinking at the stage of the program I decided to use the app Lifesum to help me manage my macro percentages. For those who don’t know what macros are short for macro nutrients. and they fall into 3 categories:

30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge - Barb Icon


Carbohydrates are simply anything that breaks down into the body as a sugar or a fiber. These occure naturally in fruits, vegtables, grains and plants.

30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge - Protein Icon


Protein is an important macro-nutrient for building muscle mass. It is commonly found in animal products, though other sources such as nuts and legumes are also present.

FAT – 50%

Fat is an essential part of a healthy diet. Fat is a source of essential fatty acids, which assists the body with the absorb vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. This type of fat often come from animal products and plant-based products.

Unlike other diets, with this one, you won’t need to restrict your calorie intake. Unlike other diets, you don’t want to restrict yourself of calories you want to eat as much as you want until your full you have to make sure you stay in the advised macros. 30% Carbs, 20% Protein and 50% fat.

This app I to found to be helpful in the assistance of tracking your sugar level to make sure you don’t exceed the recommended amount of 25g.
While this app does have a cost I recommend that you use the app to assist in your learning of portion size along with macros during the duration of the program. Then over the following week rely on it less as you don’t want to be too dependant on it.


After the 3rd week, we move onto the final stages of the program where we learn about lunch and also how to combine all we have learnt through the course of the 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge.
Now at this point, some of you may be concerned with just how much this lifestyle is going to cost you now that you are working together to combine all 3 meals. I can promise you not as much as you might think. While Kym has a variety of meals in place for every night, she does not enforce these on you. The whole point of the challenge is to take what you have learnt and make it work for you and your lifestyle.


Example, by day I run my own small business as a graphic designer, by night I am a part-time cleaner. Now when you think about it after working from 9 am to 8 pm it doesn’t really leave to much time to cook in between. Instead, I use my spare time wisely and site down a prep my meals while also cooking in bulk. Now while this may take a few hours out of my day, its really only affects one day allowing me to free time slots for the rest of the week.

For an average week, I spend anywhere between $50 to $60. A lot of this money goes towards restocking of meat and vegetables. Around once a month will my cost increase due to needing to restock on items such as nuts, flours, and carbs. To make the planning and shopping for meals easier I created my own Weekly Meal Planner and PCOS Food Checklist. You can download them below.


My final tip at this point of the program is to keep yourself constant. I know this is an obvious one but it the one I always seem to let slide. My biggest habit is when I enjoy a meal I tend to add extra to my plate, thinking just a little more won’t hurt. Doing this can create a snowball effect. To prevent this from happening all too often I purchase myself some Meal Prep Containers.


The first question I know your asking is does this work? Yes, ladies, it does. And I hand down swear by it. All the life I have never been able to lose a mere 5kg let a lot the 8kg I did while on this challenge for a month.

I have now been following this lifestyle for 3 months and as of the end of January, I have officially lost 14.4 kg. As of February, I will be signing up to Kym Campbells: The Beat PCOS 10 Week Program. I will be sure to keep you all updated with my progress, along with giving you my honest thoughts about the program.

PCOS Diet Challenge Results